Our mission: Provide quality healthcare throughout our communities.

In 1978 Wirt County Health Services Association (d.b.a. Coplin Health Systems) was established as a non-profit organization. Since then, Coplin Health Systems has expanded into seven different facilities located in Wirt County, Jackson County, Wood County in West Virginia and Meigs County in Ohio, including three school-based clinics.

Coplin Health Systems specializes in primary care services. Our healthcare providers offer a full range of services for the entire family. We provide access to preventative and quality primary care services, as well as acute care services, regardless of one’s ability to pay. We are advocates for children and families, alongside the communities and strive to give them the best possible care.


Our core values

Our Patients and
Our Community

We are committed to helping our patients to be healthy, and improve the general health of the communities we serve.


We do the right thing for our patients, at the right time, in the right way to achieve the best possible results.


We build positive relationships with each other, our patients, and the communities we serve by being respectful, honest, and caring.


We take personal responsibility for our work and encourage our patients to take personal responsibility for their health.

and Sustainability

We offer affordable healthcare services to our communities, and make decisions that will ensure we can do so in the future.

Our history

color-blocks-8 Okey W. Coplin, M.D.

Wirt County Health Services Association (d.b.a. Coplin Health Systems) was purchased from Okey W. Coplin, M.D. and Robert W. Coplin, M.D., father and son. They served Wirt County’s health care needs for over half a century. Their dedication, inspiration, and loyalty to the practice of medicine will be long remembered and maintained at this facility. Dr. Okey Coplin practiced medicine during the first half of the 20th century.

color-blocks-7Robert Coplin, M.D.

Dr. Okey Coplin’s son, Dr. Robert Coplin, returned home to serve his community after serving in the Army during World War ll. Robert Coplin initially created Coplin Clinic in 1948, about two years after his father passed away. The clinic was a general practice facility, but it also included a hospital which opened with a total of seven beds in 1949.

color-blocks-4Eileen Boyce, Nurse

Dr. Robert Coplin did blood work, X-rays, and general medicine along with a small staff which included a nurse named Eileen Boyce. The hospital closed in 1960. Dr. Robert Coplin went into semi-retirement shortly thereafter and Eileen continued on with the Coplin Clinic until 1996.

color-blocks-5Coplin CLinic

Fearing the clinic would then close; the community quickly stepped and kept Coplin Clinic from failing. In 1998, the Coplin Clinic Board members raised money in the community and purchased the Clinic from Dr. Coplin. At this time the Coplin Clinic became owned and operated by Wirt County Health Services Association.

Coplin Health Systems’ recent history


Coplin moves to new facility

Coplin Memorial Community Health Center moved to a newly constructed 7,912 square foot facility, which was located in Elizabeth, WV. Coplin Memorial became a Federally Qualified Health Center.

Facility opens in Jackson County

Wirt County Health Services Association expanded services by opening a new facility in Jackson County, which was Jackson County Community Health Center in Ravenswood. WV.


Jackson County Schools Wellness Center opens

A school based health center was opened on the Ripley High School campus, which became the Jackson County Schools Wellness Center.


River Valley Health and Wellness Center moves

Jackson County Community Health Center moved to a newly constructed facility on Washington Street in Ravenswood. Along with the move, it was also renamed as River Valley Health and Wellness Center and a pharmacy was added into the facility.


Ripley Family Medicine opens

In September, Ripley Family Medicine was opened on the Jackson General Hospital campus.


Wirt County Schools Wellness Center opens

Wirt County opened a school based health clinic on campus at the Primary Center in Elizabeth. This became known as Wirt County Schools Wellness Center.


Ripley gains a second practice

A newly renovated Ripley Family Medicine facility opened across town on Church Street, making this a two provider practice.


Practice expands into Ohio

In January, Wirt County Health Services Association expanded into Ohio by opening Southern Local Schools Wellness Center in Racine, Ohio.


Parkersburg practice opens

In October, Parkersburg Community Health Center was opened in the St. Joseph’s Medical Building in Parkersburg, WV.


Pharmacy added in Ripley

A pharmacy was added to Ripley Family Care.

Parkersburg practice moves

The Parkersburg practice moved from St. Joseph’s Medical Building to its own building on Camden Avenue.

Wirt County Health Services Association rebrands

In June, Wirt County Health Services Association rebranded its image and began doing business as Coplin Health Systems.


Pharmacy added in Parkersburg

A pharmacy was added to Parkersburg Family Care.